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Coffee 01 - Bali Kintamani

This is an absolute gem of a coffee, a real Golden Bear, produced by a fantastic team in Bali.  The natural process emphasises the fruity notes of this origin with good acidity in the cup.

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About The Grower

Not surprisingly Pak Parum and his coffee has been recognised as top in Bali with a Cup Of Excellence score of 87.69.  The Cup of Excellence is the world's most rigorous and prestigious coffee quality competition. 

The producers Rodney and Edi are both Q graders, Edi being the first ever Balinese Q grader, and on meeting them you can sense the care and dedication they put into the process.

Coffee 02 - Tirta Kintamani

This is an absolute gem of a coffee, a real Golden Bear, produced by a fantastic team in Bali.  The washed process emphasises the Kintamani
terroir which lends itself to a hearty and clean cup with fantastic notes of nuts and spices.

Tasting Notes

Tangy Citrus

Brown Sugar



Grown in the shade of orange trees on the plateau to the south west of Mount Batur.  When we walked around Pak Parum's farm in Kintamani we got the feel of walking through a vast garden, not a coffee plantation, a truly magical place that is ideal for some of the world's best coffee.

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Coffee 03 - Sebastian Ramirez

This coffee is the fruitiest and silkiest natural coffee you will ever experience. In Sebastian's own words, it is well-balanced, with an amazing body mixed with fruit punch and chocolate. The reason for this unique flavor is the Carbonic Maceration process that the coffee goes through while still in the cherry. This process takes 200 hours and is done in containers filled with CO2 at a controlled temperature. Afterward, the coffee is dried in mechanical silos at around 40°C until it reaches 11% humidity.

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About The Grower

Sebastian Ramirez is a fourth-generation coffee farmer with over 12 years of experience. He has a presence in multiple countries across Asia and Europe and is the owner of Fincas El Placer. Starting as a traditional grower, he ventured into fermentation, now he is a master of Carbonic Maceration, Coffee Profiles, and Varietals.


Proudly grown on the El Placer farm in the heart of Buenos Aires de Calarcá village, this coffee embodies generations of expertise passed down through the Ramirez family

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